Why It Is Important To Buy Hip Hop Beats

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Online beats are big business

Everybody knows all the big names in music, from Drake to Snoop Dogg, and everyone else in between. We also know that they are making millions of dollars (or at least assume that they are making millions of dollars) off of their music. But does anyone stop to learn the names of their producers, the people in the back room coming up with all of our favorite beats to our favorite songs?
For a second, let’s just think about what exactly makes us want even to listen to a song. Just imagine you put on a CD, and you hear some annoying high pitch bells and a lame bass line. Your finger can’t help itself; it hits skip on the stereo before you can even process what has happened. Next song comes on, now you hear a nice piano melody, next some chimes, and finally the beat starts to come together as the bass kicks in and now you’re listening to the hook of the song. Why didn’t you skip it? I’ll tell you. Because the beat kept, you listening. You see, the first thing we hear (usually) is the beat, and right away we decide if we want to give the song a chance or not. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important for a music artist to invest in some quality hip hop beats. I’m not saying the lyrics aren’t important, what I am saying is that the beat or the producer for that matter shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Why should artists pay?

OK we get it, hip hop beats are important, but why should artists pay for them when they could find free beats almost everywhere online? Well to start it off, hip hop beats for sale aren’t very expensive. You could find hip hop beats for sale at very reasonable prices. Most producers online set their prices so that your average underground artist could afford them. On average you’ll only be paying around $20 – $30 for a basic lease and maybe anywhere from $100 – $500 for exclusive rights. If you look at these big artists, they are making thousands if not millions of dollars off their music, when the producer is making pennies. So if you’re going to be making more than $20, it’s only right that you at least pay the producer for his hard work right? Well, most people don’t think that way, they still continue to blow up producers inboxes with messages like “hook it up with some free beats”, or “let’s collab” which is just a nicer way to say I don’t want to pay you for your hip hop beats. Another thing a lot of unsigned artists like to do is take beats from YouTube or other social media platforms without the producer’s consent. This isn’t only hard on the producer, but it could also be hard on you if you make a lot of money with the song. Let’s just say you took a beat from YouTube and decided to record it. Now your song is getting a lot more plays than you thought it would, and record labels are hitting you up left and right. You get signed, and your label wants to promote your song. Now you’re in the money right? Well, you would have been if you owned the rights to the beat that you recorded on, but you didn’t pay for it, meaning that your song and all the money you have made off of it belongs to the producer who’s beat you took in the first place. Now all he has to do is prove that he made the beat, and show that you don’t have any legal rights to use it.

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Have you ever heard Lil Jon‘s hit song “Turn Down For What”? I’m sure you have to be that the song became the seventh best-selling song of 2014 in the US with 3,449,000 copies sold for the year. Well if you have heard the song then you should know that there isn’t a whole lot of lyrics on it. It’s a catchy beat with the phrase “turn down for what” sprinkled through it. This is the perfect example of how powerful a beat could be. “I only listen to the song because of the beat” how many times have you heard your friends say this? How many times have you said it? Beats are extremely important to hip hop music, well to music in general.

Make Buying Beats Online A Meditative Experience

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This is a reminder to all aspiring recording artists.

Buying beats online to turn your idea into something that sounds professional and unique takes work. But you have to love it. Every one of you has a unique flow, your own cadence that comes from your inner artist. That artist has to be present, in the captain’s seat, steering the ship when you’re scrolling through beat after beat.


So when you’re sitting online at 12:30 am looking to buy beats online, how do you connect to that inner artist? To that part of you that decided to make music in the first place? How do you make sure you’re out of your head?


Here’s the truth. That part of you doesn’t get excited about creating something that sounds like somebody else’s work. It gets excited about expressing something it hasn’t heard before. Ever. That’s what inspires you. And that’s what you have to connect with when you’re up all night buying beats from other artists.

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So how do you find your next beat? And how do you know when you found a beat that captures your artist’s voice?


The truth is, you listen very carefully. If you’re an artist who has no set goal for a track but knows the creativity will flow once you find the right beat, surf. The best thing you can do is give yourself permission to surf as many online beats as you can to see what happens. Listen very carefully to how a beat makes you feel, how you respond to it in those first three seconds, and when you that tick of excitement, go with it. Buy that beat and make it work because that excitement is sparking something in you.


A lot of times, it is the new and unique sounds –the beats you never expected to use like that electric guitar riff, that slow jazz bass, that poppy 80’s synth – that can reawaken the artist in you to create something. Yes, it might not be totally, absolutely original. But it might be something that your inner artist can work with. Go with it.


On the other hand, the practical reality is you have get shares and likes and exposure by appealing to what’s popular and trending right now. It’s easy to sit there and be convinced that what’s popular is anathema to your creativity. Don’t think that way. You can use the trends to deliver your unique expression to listeners who might not be expecting it.


For example, if you find a beat that’s catchy and not really original, but out of the ordinary for you, use it; catchy does not mean you’ve sacrificed originality.That only happens when you decide to stop being creative with what’s in front of you.


Just make sure the baseline on that beat isn’t completely whack because that’s just torture for whoever gives you a few precious minutes of their time to listen.


Check how Drake and Bieber play with beats in the studio: https://goo.gl/xtMWR2


Buying beats online can be a meditative experience. It can be that time of day when you let your inner artist come out and create. So go, create.


Finding Quality Beats for Sale

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Making a beat

The online beat market

Audio is usually a typical hobby of countless people today across the world, but only a handful of men and women go after this pastime like a career. For anyone who is music lover and specially follow the hip hop and pop music, this write-up is created exclusively for you personally. Make your own new music and make exclusive beats that will help your tunes profession obtain a head get started. But, what are exclusive beats and just how do they assist you to make a superb tunes career?

Exclusive beats are exceptional in that they are not sold to every other music artist. If you buy exclusive beats, you get complete rights on the conquer and can rely on them for almost any objective you would like. No matter whether or not you file a song according to that track otherwise you incorporate it into your album, you’ll be able to do something you wish with these exclusive beats. However, when you get a non-exclusive track, you’re not the only person utilizing this beat. There can be quite a few other people who can use that beat for their various reasons.

Making a beat

Using the internet marketplace, turning out to be a successful songs artist is no longer a difficult work. You basically need getting appropriate understanding concerning the tunes you enjoy and thus, make songs that expresses your love for the particular kind of tune. Recording and publishing music is really much easier currently, using the support of many facilities offered all throughout the internet. Buy exclusive beats for sale from a number of the best identified on line websites and produce your own album. On the other hand, when purchasing beats on the internet, you have got to be genuinely cautious. There are much more than a large number of internet sites offering you a broad range of beats for sale to pick from, every ranging from the mere $30 up to a number of thousand bucks. Therefore, if you want to make your own new music and invest in beats, make certain you verify the best internet sites, their provided beats and their costs.

Listen to all sorts of beats such as the gangsta beats, and so on. that are obtainable for you personally. Only just after you’ve gone through every one of those beats, make your personal exclusive beats choice which should be exceptional from all the others you simply heard. Making beats that are unique allow you to not simply make a unique id in the tunes world, but also allow you to put your club beats for sale in various site on the web retailers or even the local marketplace. So, make much more beats and sell them to all other songs artists inside the industry to create some superior funds.

If you are actively searching for a great place where you can find beats for sale at affordable prices, and then you certainly owe it to yourself to research and find some of the best beat shops online. You will be very impressed with just how nice some of the websites are and how easy they make it for you to get the beats that you need.